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By | December 16, 2014

You who like to play android game better know about this fun and attractive game. Actually every day we are easy to find new game. You can play game that is suitable with your taste and personality. You can play game in various genres too and also difficulties levels. For all of you who like to play game with strategy then you must play Zombie Defense. What some fun things that you will get when you play this game?

Zombie Defense

About Game

This game will make you feel fun to employee all soldiers, shoot the waves of zombies from some places and also place all soldiers on the ports so they can shoot all zombies in easy way. You can relocate your soldiers manually and there are some things to do to win this game such as order some products, upgrade your ports, use molotovs, orders the airstrikes and some other things. You must be able to create your strategies, micromanagement and also techniques to kill all the zombies and increase your rank. Your goal is not only to kill the zombies but you must be able to make money and complete the missions. Some people feel so bad because they can’t earn more money so they can’t upgrade and order products or tools. Now, you must know about this app that helps you to get some benefits below.

Features of App

What you will get when you use this app? You will be able to get more kinds of employees. You will get two methods to play this game better. You will know how to upgrade the predators, crawl the scary and also shamble the animals. There are some weapons that you can get such as ultra accurate sniper, shotguns, and some other things. You can crush all zombies that you face in the path by using massive automobiles too. Creating Molotov will become simple way to kill and stop zombies too. You who like to upgrade Tesla towers will be able to get what you want in easy way too. Recruiting soldiers will be easy task for you when you use this app too. You will feel like you play in the real world because there will be 3D atmosphere that you will get so you can see real desert, towns, and freeways. You who want to challenge yourself can choose your difficulty levels when you use this app too. Increasing your rating when you play this game will be done in easy way too. Now, it is time for you to download this app and then enjoy playing this game.

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