Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders v1.0.0 APK+OBB

By | February 23, 2015

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders 1

THE UTMOST WORLD WAR II AERIAL BATTLE GAME HAS COME! You will take part in spontaneous warfare, shield cities and squadrons, explode enemy fortress and fly through channel. All things are well-prepared set up remake real condition of well known WWII locations such as Dover Coast, Pearl Harbor, Germany, and France not to mention Midway.

Brought to you by Atypical Games, the game is a fascinating arcade game. Enjoy the fun experience as well challenge your adrenaline by flying the aircraft and planes as the fleet used in World War II. Back to the past by seeing the historical WWII spots and involve in the warfare by yourself. All realistic and authentic game details are presented to amuse the game players as well give the very-own experience about the history.

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders 2


Incomparable visuals, hi-def effect and high quality audio including: specular visor, crush mapping, ambient scattering, volumetric clouds with authentic illumination, sun blinding, transition f day and night, Gods light, hi-def textures, anisotropic filtering for 4x, rendering to High Dynamic Range, radial dusk, temperature haze, ray raindrops and other more!


Get involve to this exciting and mesmeric game wherein you can get the most realistic feeling of the world condition during World War II. You can take off or land on the runway areas. You will fly in detail recreated cities with authentic weather condition, precise ambiance dispersal with flying point of view and accurate realistic aircraft with pilot cabin and cockpits.


Playing on historical navy will never be more fun in this game. Fly the top aerial fleets used in World War II. Monitor the progressive destruction with plane impacts and end up being ruined into scattered dust.


Ask your partners to play bunch of online game modes! Select between two modes: cooperative and rivalry: survival, last stronghold, free flight, completely all free, team competition, get the flag and the fresh Massacre.


Accelerometer input is fixed for LG as well other reported devices


To play online, this game should be supported by WiFi or internet connection in 3G/4G

It is a huge memory game and can consume 692mb for the memory

It requires android device with minimum version of 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Impressions and suggestions are gladly waited for as the great feedback to improve the overall game, identify bugs and enhance the gaming experience to be the best.


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