Pokemon Pokedex

By | February 24, 2015
Pokemon Pokedex

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Do you miss your childhood? When internet was easily found at each home, children got their hands busy with a game board or game boy. Video games were the favorite choice to kill boredom during the leisure time. They were including Pokemon. Do you remember this?

Pokemon is a series of games created by Satoshi Tajiri. To enjoy the games, you will need pokemon pokedex. It is an electronic device which is created to help players get the information and catalogue of various species in Pokemon. The name of pokedex itself comes from two words, i.e. pokemon and index. In Japanese, it is simply called Pokemon Encyclopedia. In its anime version, pokedex just has function as a reference tool which is able to provided information about a certain species of Pokemon, even if the trainer has not seen or caught it. While in the game, the pokedex is blank. It is filled by capturing, trading or giving the different types of Pokemon. It means that the trainer has to find the Pokemon species first. There are four modes on pokedex where each generation of the games is more advanced than the previous ones.

  • Kanto Pokedex is introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue. It is made in Game Boy style which is held vertically.
  • Johto Pokedex is also known as pokemon silver pokedex or pokemon gold pokedex as it is introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. It has style like Game Boy Color that is also held vertically.
  • Hoenn Pokedex is introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Shappire. It is held horizontally like a Game Boy Advance. It is expanded then in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGree where you will be able to use pokemon national pokedex. The device is created in horizontal style with a fliptop like a Game Boy Advance SP.
  • Sinnoh pokedex is available in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The style resembles a Nitendo DS Lite.

Among of the usual species, you will find shiny pokedex pokemon which also known as alternate coloration or rare coloration.

National Mode Pokedex is the upgraded Pokedex. It records the information from around the nation. Here is how you can advance your pokedex mode:

If you are in Pokemon Ruby and Shappire game series, you can get the national mode by trading with the pokedex in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen or pokedex emerald.

  • In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, you can acquire the national mode after defeating the Elite Four. It is possible if you have already owned 60 pokemon in Kanto pokedex and the Sevii Islands sidequest is done.
  • In Emerald Pokemon, the national mode is also acquired by first defeating the Elite Four.
  • In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, you can talk to Professor Rowan after seeing at least 150 pokemon in Sinnoh pokedex and Professor Oak will arrive to upgrade your pokedex mode.
  • In Pokemon Heart Gold and Silver, professor Oka will give the national pokedex to player before he or she broads the S.S. Aqua for the first time.
  • The pokemon black and white pokedex will be upgraded to national mode by Professor Cedric Jupiter after the player completes the main story of the game. It goes the same in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.
  • The pokemon x pokedex and pokemon y pokedex, will be upgraded in national mode by Dexio after the player completes the main adventure and entering Lumiose Station.

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