Play MoshFling Game

MoshFling tell that all the Gemz have been stolen at Monstro City, so you have to help  launching Flumpy the Moshling into the sky to get gemz back. Did you know, Doctor Strangeglove and his naughty C.L.O.N.C. cohorts have stolen Flumpy the Pluff’s bumper stash of Gemz! Luckily, Scare Force One has sprung a leak! Can you fling Flumpy into the drifting Gemz before the airship turns around!? Tamara Tesla… Read More »

How to Get Fizzy Moshling

Such as soft drinks red, yes he is Fizzy #076 the Lipsmacking Bubbly, a soda cup rare moshling from Munchies set. He was appeared in Fizzy also was featured in the Daily Growl by Buster Bumblechops, his name confirmed on one of Moshi Monsters Sticker Album. To get Fizzy moshling, you have to completing  Season 2: Mission 8. There is no seed combination for that. Fizzy likes Mints and… Read More »

Oddie’s Doughnut Dash Game

Nice game, you need help Oddie moshling escape from chomping chops, and collect all the tasty fruit to earn extra points! Best avoid the ice creams that will slow your rolls, if you hit too much ice creams you really down and catch up by mouth to eat you. Just play your mouse click either go up or down to find the fruit. Sometimes is good with faster, luckily you… Read More »

Peppy’s Stunt Bike Game

Peppy Moshling is a rider, he great when playing his bike and want to make friends around Monstro City impress. Now, you can play this game to help Peppy the Stunt Penguin do all awesome stunts and best tricks. There are 5 main Tracks and bonus 5 another that you can complete and unlock. How to Play X = Accelerate C = Perform stunts! (whilst in air) Arrow Keys =… Read More »

How to Get Long Beard Moshling Using Seeds

Long Beard #064 or the Valiant Viking is a Rare Moshling from Mythies set. He was featured in the Series 5 Figures. First, I got him after completing the Freezy Rider Mini Mission on Moshi Monsters. But this mission is not available, and my friends ask to me “How do you get long beard on moshi monsters with moshling seeds?” I want to inform the Insider Info first: Bio Prepare… Read More »

How to Draw Moshi Monsters Characters

If you looking for simple drawings of moshi monsters character, I provide tutorial to make Furi and Poppet. And if you have all monster pictures I suggest you try moshi monsters coloring pages. Sample: STEP 1 Let’s drawing simple monsters Furi and Poppet. First, start by making one egg shape for Furi, and one round shape for Poppet. You make shapes for the entire bodies. Add facial guidelines. STEP 2… Read More »

Moshi Happy Snaps Game

Here you can play Moshi Happy Snaps game from Moshi Fun Park. Your job is take many pictures of moshlings using camera moshling, Holga. There are 3 places to be completed: Wobbly woods, Goofy gardens, and Dessert desert.

Moshi Cupcakes Game and Cheats

Moshi Cupcakes is a game to make and dress up your moshling cakes in the Candy Cane Caves which everyone can now enter at the bottom of the Moshi Monsters map. In the end of game you can attract Moshi Monsters Moshlings namely: Chop Chop, Squidge, Ecto, Dipsy, Jeepers, McNulty, Sooki-Yaki, Tiki, General Fuzuki, Shelby, DJ Quack, IGGY, Liberty, Mr. Snoodle, and White Fang. I do not know what you… Read More »

Play I.G.G.Y. Jump – New Moshling Game

I.G.G.Y. Jump is a flash game created by Moshi Monsters Expressway (MME). This game is fun to earn score as many as you can. To Play game, click Play button then use your key arrow Right & Left. Jump on each cloud as high as possible. What is the high score you get?? let me in comments below. If you interesting to catch I.G.G.Y. as a moshling to your Zoo… Read More »

How to Get Carter Moshling

On Moshi Monsters Carter the Barking RahRah was first appeared in the Series 3 Tatoos, on one of the sheets. He is upcoming moshling which will release soon! Stay tune here to get new update when Carter is out to Moshling Zoo.