Duck Destroyer Mod 1.0.0 Apk

By | December 7, 2014

The hunting season is coming back. Prepare your gun and ready to shot the duck. Duck Destroyer Mod 1.0.0 Apk will let you add your skills in shooting the duck in the skies and let it in your dining table. Lock and the level type that available to play. The three different levels of supper time, sham strike, and air travel of the fox will give you different challenge. In supper time, the ducks is not hanged. There will be need for immersive or joystick to control and trigger the happy time.  There will be 150 missions that need to be handled and there pantry from granny with quest aspects that make s lot caught into your pantry. Be careful with the explosion duck from the skies and prepare to shot them as your meal.

Duck Destroyer

The sham strike challenges you to shoots from sling shots to the rail weapons to shot the ducks. You will meet with the dynamite robot where there are no ducks that destroyed to reach the fox meals with the paws. There will be weapons that appear and weapons blazing when you play this level. More power up to reach and finish your game in to the most fabulous game. This is the battle game war between the fix and ducks to get his meals. The adventure is beginning with this air travel fox level.  The air travel of the fox is easy errand that bring the supper of fox into the journey around the world.  In the journey, you will meet with fun and pleasure journey when he was plucked from the humble fox residence into the arctic and it all in the animate scenes cut.

The feature game includes for the enjoyable shooter, 50 levels with hundreds missions that need to finished, more weapons and power up to finish the challenge, immersive options and joystick to controls, and it is animated scene game that pleasure your playing game.  The weapons are fun and you will laugh with the fun when you use these weapons to shot the duck. This is the arcade game that easy to play and fun. See for how your duck is shouted and quack as it has been shouted by your fox.  This game is available with android system of 2.3.3 and above. This game is challenging you more to make strategy to caught and shot your duck to be your supper time.

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